Fiat India Automobiles Ltd.


“Eetamax Lights have completed more than 50,000 burning hrs. of products life after installation and still working comfortably with negligible lumen depreciation”

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Sandvik Asia Pvt. Ltd.


“Eetamax light fittings are maintenance free and lux levels are maintained as desired”

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Bharat Forge Ltd.


“Eetamax brand LED high bays proved superior against other reputed brands LED high bays... are working comfortably in environment of conductive dust, heat, and heavy vibrations at height of 18 to 20 meters”

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Taikisha Engineering India Pvt. Ltd.


“Eetamax lights working satisfactorily for more than 5 years in applications like highbays, paint booths, shot blasting booths, flood and street lights, office lights, etc.”

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Hindustan Unilever Ltd.


“...using lights in cleanroom facilities... They have proved all their claims practically… are very very reliable... Eetamax product performance is to our fullest satisfaction”

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Wockhardt Ltd.


“Cleanroom lights, Hazloc Flameproof Lights, retrofitting solutions, monochromatic light are working well since the last 5-6 years. We choose Eetamax because of their firm commitment about the reliability of their products.

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Kirloskar Pneumatic Company Ltd.


“…we tested 2x2 LED fittings of various brands and found Eetamax most efficient in terms of both light quality & energy efficiency. We have replaced @200 nos… is to our fullest satisfaction.”

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Siva Sai Exports


“Eetamax lights have been working in cold storage applications of -40 deg C since the last 7 years. Also used @500 Eetamax lights in the second new project.”

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Gabriel India Ltd.


“Any kind of technical query regarding lighting is clarified immediately by Eetamax team. The light quality and performance of Eetamax brand lighting systems is found most satisfactory and we feel that these products are reliable.”

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SANY Heavy Industry India Pvt. Ltd.


“Eetamax has given excellent solution for outdoor inspection of our earth excavating machines with high lux levels of 300+ using high mast lights & Eetamax proved their lux level claims also”

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Chiripal Polyfilms Ltd.


“We compared Eetamax against other renowned brands and found Eetamax high bay light quality is far superior over the brand. Satisfactorily using in Gujarat and Telangana for 24 hour applications.”

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Franco-Indian Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd.


“...Eetamax has passed through our stringent norms of products selection amongst the many reputed brands and provided us excellent Clean Room Lights”

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Jindal Rail Infrastructure Ltd.


“Most of the lights in the shop floor are working 16hrs/day and the lights are still working comfortably after 2-3 years of operation."

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Mittal Happy Cows Dairy Farms LLP


“Eetamax has provided light fittings with special color temperature which creates daylight atmosphere and keeps the cows healthy and fresh in our Desi Cow Farm developed as per international standards”

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Model Infra Corporation Pvt. Ltd.


“We have installed Eetamax LED lights at Pune, Chennai, Goa, Dharwad, and Bangalore plants and we have not came across any maintenance related issues in these fixtures since last 4-5 years”

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Raymond UCO Denim Pvt. Ltd.


“Eetamax Has supplied LED Highbays with customized wattage to meet substantial energy savings and improved lux level.”

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Wohr Parking Systems Pvt. Ltd.


"We are getting benefits of energy saving, improvement in visibility & light quality. We have not come across any maintenance problem since last two years. The Products are really very reliable."

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Endurance Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


“Demonstrations were carried out against various renowned brands & the results were excellent. We are using @1300 nos. for various applications since last 2 years… are very much satisfied with performance and light quality of Eetamax.”

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TII India Pvt. Ltd.


“...After comparison with proposals of many branded companies, layout design provided by Eetamax was found most competitive. We have very satisfied with the performance of these LED lights...”

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Bericap India Pvt.Ltd.


“We are getting benefits of energy saving, improvement in visibility & light quality. We have not come across any maintenance problem since last three years. The products are really very reliable”

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Innova Rubbers Pvt. Ltd.


“...We have been using Eetamax brand EELS since last 3 years and found very satisfactory. The solution providing attitude of Eetamax team is appreciable...”

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Hindustan Pressing Pvt. Ltd.


"We are using Eetamax brand since last 1 year. We periodically checking the lux levels with negligible depreciation of lux levels and also we have achieved @60% energy saving. We appreciate the performance and light quality of Eetamax products”

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Kelvion India Pvt. Ltd.


“...We are using Eetamax brands lights in place of conventional fittings since last 2 years.We achieve @70% direct energy savings along with improved quality & drastically reduced maintenance...”

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Trimoorty Auto deco Components Pvt. Ltd.


“We have cross checked the performance of Eetamax practically with other brands and found it most efficient in terms of energy effiency as well as lumen / watt as compared to other brandsWe feel that Eetamax products are really most reliable."

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Kaygoan Paper Mills Ltd.


“...We have checked the light quality of Eetamax LED products with other brands & found that the lux level & spreading of Eetamax products is superior.After installation, Eetamax team has proved the lux level as per their given lighting design”

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TD Power Systems Ltd.

TD Power Systems Ltd

“... By using Eetamax Lights we have saved energy to the extent of 35% to 40% than earlier and lux improvement is 70%”

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