A lighting audit is an investigative process that measures conditions against standards to determine where cost-effective changes can be made. The first step is a walk-through of the plant to observe the quantity and quality of available light. Problems are noted such as an area where lighting levels are too high, where lights are left on unnecessarily, or where factors leading to visual discomfort may inhibit productivity or safety. The type, quantity, location and height of lamps and fixtures are recorded. Detailed measurements of illumination levels are taken with a lux meter, both at task areas and for general overall lighting.

The lighting of an interior should fulfill three functions. It should :

  • Ensure the safety of people in the interior
  • Facilitate performance of visual task
  • Aid the creation of an appropriate visual environment

For Lighting audit, Lighting requirements are based on following lighting criteria :

  • Dimensional area i.e Length, Width, Height or CAD drawing or Pdf file of plant
  • Lux Level requirement
  • Existing type of fixtures
  • Glare restriction
  • Atmospheric Condition
  • Colour appearance and colour rendering